Podcast Episode 16

Shanece Marie
Health & Wellness Mentor


In this episode Ang & Shanece breakdown diet myths, food & exercise misinformation & dig into the truth of what it means to be Fit, Healthy & Strong.  Shanece's mantra is "Thriving & Surviving" & there's never been a better time to integrate this powerful message. Whether she was planning her 2020 wedding that was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, making a move across the country or jumping head first into a new business venture Shanece inspires us to keep moving forward with her tips, her motivation & her commitment to whole wellness.  

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Shanece Solomon Durand is a certified health and wellness mentor. She found joy again through health & fitness after being stricken by grief. She now helps others that are busy and burnt out on life do the same.
Shanece runs a virtual gym that she calls “Thriving & Surviving. “
“Thriving & Surviving” is full of fun challenges that help women ditch the guilt and lose weight without losing their minds. It’s a community full of like-minded women pursuing similar goals, giving added accountability for everyone.
Shanece is also a Speech Language Pathologist, a newly wed, and a dog momma, so she knows what it means to be busy. “Thriving& Surviving” is the name of her virtual gym, but also her “mantra,” and how she keeps it all together!
Shanece has been featured in The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, and is certified in a top nutrition program, UPF.