Podcast Episode 03

Erin Anderson - Live Big Co. 


Speaking with Erin is a true joy as you'll discover in this episode of Changing the Lens Podcast.  She's brilliant, fierce, compassionate, honest, loving & such a true teacher.  As my personal business/life coach Erin has been a guiding force in Living Big & I'm eternally grateful to her & the way she shares her gift with the world.  

In the interview we discuss how determining your values is a key to success in relationships, in life in decision making & in finding compassion.  

Resources & References :
Intention To Action - Group Coaching Program
Live Big Co.

“10 tiny truths, Principles for Living a Big Life”
by Erin Anderson
Power to Be Podcast
A Hopi Elder Speaks 

Erin Anderson is a Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Author. She resides in Whistler, British Columbia, with her husband and two kids.
Erin’s passion is helping people connect to their calling so they can live a big life. As the lead brand designer for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic bid, she thrived asking quality questions to get to the heart of a company’s story, purpose, and brand. Through her work helping companies and individuals uncover their story and purpose in business and life, she’s become a well-known transformational leader globally. 
You can learn more about her coaching programs, listen to her podcast, or sign up for a trainings at www.livebigco.com