Podcast Episode 15

Abigail Gullo 
Drink & Learn Podcast


In this episode Ang & Abigail discuss wedding day cocktail ideas, delicious cocktail recipes, what you should stock  your liquor cabinet with, what drink to order at your favorite restaurant or bar & why the simple 3 ingredient classic cocktails are sometimes the best! 

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 Abigail Deirdre Gullo was a performer and teacher before she combined both with her love of classic cocktails in those heady days at the turn of the 21st Century in New York City. After working at The Beagle and Fort Defiance she moved to New Orleans to run bar programs with Sobou and the award-winning Compere Lapin where she became the first Heaven Hill Bartender of the year and won best Hotel Bar Program in the United States at the Spirited Awards.

When not behind the bar at Ben Paris in Downtown Seattle, she is taking in the Pacific Northwest with her two terriers, Ronnie and the Bandit. Abigail has a cocktail podcast called Drink & Learn with cocktail historian Elizabeth Pearce and she occasionally blogs at www.ryegirlnyc.blogspot.com, though she would rather be singing in a Rock-n-Roll band.